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Double Shot KSA PBT Keycap Full Keycap Set

Double Shot KSA PBT Keycap Full Keycap Set

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Double Shot PBT Keycaps With KSA Profile

This keycap set adopts our unique customized KSA profile and features in double-shot legends, providing a satisfying and long-time use for both gamers and typists!

Double-Shot PBT

The keycap set is made of PBT material with a double-shot production method, making it oil-resistant, durable, and long-lasting. With our special method, the legends on the keycap will maintain its original state much longer than many of their peers.

The thickened 1.6mm PBT keycap design goes through a frosted process to give it a grainy surface texture and creates a comfortable touch experience.

KSA Profile (Keychron Redesigned SA profile)

The KSA-profile originated from the SA profile, but we optimized the design for a more ergonomic experience.

Size And Height For Each Keycap

Note: before you purchase the keycaps set, please check if it’s compatible with your keyboard.


Dark grey and Greyish Blue

Dark grey and White Smoke

Light grey and White


Material: Double-shot PBT
Thickness: 1.6 mm
Stem: MX style
Legend: Backlight does not shine through
Profile: KSA profile (Keychron redesigned SA profile)

Compatible layout: ANSI layout
Compatible keyboards: Keychron Q series (excluding Q8, Q9 Plus, Q10, Q11, Q60), Q Pro series (excluding Q8 Pro, Q10 Pro, Q11 Pro, Q14 Pro), V series (excluding V8, V10, V11), 81 Pro, K2, K2 Pro, K4, K4 Pro, K6, K6 Pro, K8, K8 Pro, K10, K10 Pro, K12, K12 Pro, K14, K14 Pro, C1, C1 Pro, C2, and C2 Pro.



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