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Keychron Spacebar/ESC/Enter Key Aluminum Alloy Artisan Keycap

Keychron Spacebar/ESC/Enter Key Aluminum Alloy Artisan Keycap

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Spacebar/ESC/Enter Key Aluminum Alloy Artisan Keycap

These artisan keycaps are equipped with hollow uppercase characters, and the side of the keycap is decorated with hollow cordon stripes. Its panel is made of durable 6063 aluminum alloy. Install this artisan keycap now to reflect your personal style!

CNC Engrave Molding

These artisan keycaps are formed by CNC engraving and they are colored through anodization or electrophoresis, which makes it stronger, the panel smoother, and reduces fingerprint residue.

Note: Due to the difference in material, the hollow part of the spacebar keycap appears orange and the keyboard backlight cannot penetrate.



Material Spacerbar: Aluminum Alloy
ESC: Aluminum Alloy, acrylic
Enter Key: Aluminum Alloy, acrylic
Molding CNC engraving
Coloring Anodizing/Electrophoresis
Profile Cherry Profile
Keycap Size Spacerbar: 6.25u
ESC: 1u 
Enter Key: 2.25u
Weight Spacerbar: 17.9 g
ESC: 2.7 g
Enter Key: 5.5 g
Compatibility Normal profile MX style switches (NOT compatible with low profile switch)
Backlight Backlight Shine-Through: ESC, Enter Key
Non-Backlight Shine-Through: Spacebar


  • This keycap does not include the keyboard and other keycaps.
  • Each option contains a single keycap, not a complete set of keycaps.
  • Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.
  • Minor interference with the north-facing LEDs keyboards.
  • ESC keycaps aren’t compatible with a switch that has a box stem. Enter Key Keycaps aren’t compatible with the K Pro switch and Keychron Camo switch.
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