A Detailed Look at 27 Different Types of Keyboards

A Detailed Look at 27 Different Types of Keyboards

Who does not like to use an external keyboard when using a computer? What if that keyboard offers customization? That's nothing less than a cherry on top of the cake! In the fast-paced world of technology, where each tap and click matter, keyboards play a magical role as the gatekeepers to our digital realms. Whether sending a quick text message, composing an email, or engaging in the immersive world of video games, the keyboard serves as our primary means of interaction and control. 

But have you ever stopped to think about the various types of keyboards available? So, buckle up as we embark on a fascinating journey to explore the different varieties of keyboards that go beyond the ordinary.


Types of Keyboards


1. Membrane Keyboards

First, let's start with the most popular type of keyboard – the membrane keyboard. These keyboards have a membrane beneath the keys, and when you press one of those keys, it pushes on this membrane to close an electric circuit that registers your key press. Membrane keyboards are cost-effective, portable, and silent, making them a good choice for everyday use. On the other hand, they may not provide tactile feedback that some users wish to have for a more responsive typing experience.

Membrane Keyboards


2. Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are known to provide tactile and audible feedback. Each key has an automatic switch beneath, giving a unique feel and sound when pressed. Typing enthusiasts, gamers, and programmers prefer mechanical keyboards because of the clicky-clack sound and the instant feedback. They are durable and available in a wide range of switch types; thus, users can select what suits their preferences. 

Different mechanical keyboards use various switch types, which provide a different feel and actuation force. While they may be noisier than membrane keyboards, mechanical keyboards are considered by many enthusiasts to be more accurate and configurable. For the best typing experience, choose Keychron, the forefront of premium Keychron Mechanical Keyboards for Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android users.

3. Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards have become popular because they are convenient and leave no mess during setup. They have Bluetooth or RF (Radio Frequency) technology, allowing them to connect with devices and type from a distance. Wireless keyboards are available in different designs, such as compact and ergonomic models. Although they give users the freedom of movement, users should be aware that battery life and connectivity issues may arise. 

The latency may be a concern, but modern wireless keyboards provide performance equal to their wired counterparts. Different models have different battery life and rechargeable options. Keychron is among the best companies that offer a wide variety of high-quality Keychron wireless keyboards carefully designed to work perfectly with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android devices.

Keychron wireless keyboards


4. Virtual Keyboards

Virtual keyboards have become common in the age of smartphones and tablets. These on-screen keyboards are vital to touch-based devices as they provide a digital interface for typing. The virtual keyboard is easy to customize by changing the layout and theme, which makes it flexible enough for many users. Although physical keyboards provide a tactile sense, virtual keyboards have become essential to our digital communication world.


Virtual Keyboards


5. Scissor Switch Keyboards

Scissor switch keyboards are used widely in laptops because of their slim and compact nature. They work with a two-piece, interlocking plastic scissor shape mechanism. These types of keys have a shorter key travel, which makes them suitable for thin and portable devices. Scissor switch keyboards balance the comfort of membrane keyboards and the tactile response of mechanical ones. They are usually less noisy than mechanical keyboards, which makes them ideal for office use.

6. Compact Keyboards

Mini keyboards are called compact or 60% Keyboard because of the reduced layout, which does not have a numeric keypad or function row. Although smaller, these keyboards still have essential keys and are therefore preferred by users who value the space on their desks and portability. Keychron Compact keyboards are popular among gamers and those who desire a minimalist setup without sacrificing functionality.

Keychron Compact keyboards


7. Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards are designed to minimize strain and discomfort due to prolonged typing. They have a split design or curved layout that promotes a more comfortable hand position. Some ergonomic keyboards have negative tilt and palm rests to encourage a more natural typing position.

These keyboards are perfect for people who spend long hours in front of a computer and focus on comfort over aesthetics. Although they might require some time to adapt, ergonomic keyboards can significantly improve the comfort and efficiency of their users.

Ergonomic Keyboards

8. Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards come with features specifically designed for gamers. They usually have customizable RGB lighting, programmable keys, and mechanical switches that allow fast, accurate inputs. Anti-ghosting and n-key rollover are among the most common features that guarantee all keystrokes will be registered correctly, an essential part of fast-paced gaming. 

Some gaming keyboards even have macro keys for complex in-game commands that can be executed with a single press. Keychron Gaming keyboards improve the gaming experience and give a competitive advantage to enthusiastic gamers.

Keychron Gaming keyboards

9. USB Keyboard

A USB keyboard is one of the famous keyboards that connect to your computer using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable. These keyboards are also very easy to use – plug the USB connector into a USB port on your computer and begin to type. They are available in different designs, ranging from compact ones to larger models with extra features. USB keyboards are known for their simplicity and compatibility with various devices.

10. Multimedia Keyboard

A multimedia keyboard is just like the normal one but with additional buttons that enable you to control your computer’s media functions. These extra buttons can also include volume, play/pause, and music or video player opening shortcuts. Multimedia keyboards are convenient for those who like to listen to music, watch videos, or play games – because they provide quick and easy access without additional software.

Multimedia Keyboard

11. QWERTY Keyboard

The most popular keyboard layout is the QWERTY. It is named after the order of the first six letters in the top row. This layout has existed for a long time and is used by almost all English-speaking countries. The QWERTY design was invented to prevent the keys of typewriters from getting jammed, and it has continued even with technological advancement. The QWERTY layout is familiar to many people, and they find it comfortable for typing.

12. Chiclet Keyboard

Chiclet keyboards are characterized by flat and smooth keys that look like small squares. These keyboards look modern and stylish as each key is separated from the other. They are commonly seen on laptops and some desktop keyboards. Chiclet keyboards are easy to clean and offer a comfortable typing experience. 

Chiclet Keyboard

13. Thumb Keyboard

Thumb keyboards are developed to be used with your thumbs. Therefore, they are ideal for smaller devices such as smartphones and tablets. These small keyboards are usually divided into halves so you can type comfortably with both thumbs. Thumb keyboards are highly portable and easy to use, so they can be a good option for people needing to type while moving.

Thumb Keyboard

14. Flexible Keyboard

A flexible keyboard is made of soft and malleable materials, which can be rolled up or folded for convenient storage and transportation. These keyboards are durable and spill-proof, which makes them appropriate for various environments. Flexible keyboards are viable for individuals looking for an easy-to-carry and durable typing device.

Flexible Keyboard

15. Backlit Keyboard

A backlit keyboard has inbuilt lighting underneath the keys and helps one to see and type well, even in a low-lighted environment. This function is helpful for those who work or play games in the dark. Backlit keyboards are available in different colors so users can choose their preferred lighting color.

backlit keyboard

16. Magic Keyboards

Magic keyboards are a series of wireless keyboards manufactured by Apple. Such keyboards usually have features like a slim design, rechargeable batteries, and an integrated trackpad for easy navigation. Magic keyboards are well-known for their compatibility with Apple devices, which makes their use more convenient.

Magic Keyboards

17. Bluetooth Keyboard

A Bluetooth keyboard connects to devices wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth technology. These keyboards remove the need for cables, thus offering a neat and convenient typing option. Bluetooth keyboards can work with smartphones, tablets, and even Smart TVs.

18. Chorded Keyboard

Chorded keyboards are unique in using combinations of key presses or chords to enter characters. Every chord has its nature or function, which makes typing faster with fewer keys. Although chorded keyboards require some learning, they can be very efficient once the user has mastered the various combinations.

19. Laptop Sized Keyboard

Laptop-sized keyboards are compact keyboards designed to be used with laptops or as independent peripherals. These keyboards are more compact than regular desktop ones and can be used by those needing a portable typing solution without losing functionality.

20. Trading Keyboard

The trading keyboard is designed for traders and financial professionals who require fast responses to various functions. These keyboards usually have customizable keys, programmable shortcuts, and other controls for efficient monitoring of financial markets.

Trading Keyboard

21. Hand Keyboard

Hand keyboards are made for people who have limited hand mobility. Such keyboards usually have a unique layout that enables users to type with hand gestures or minimal finger movements. They are accessible to people with disabilities and allow them to use computers conveniently.

Hand Keyboard

22. Laser Virtual Keyboard

A laser virtual keyboard uses a technology of lasers that projects a virtual keyboard onto a flat surface. Tapping on the projected keys, users register the corresponding characters. Although not as popular as other keyboards, the laser virtual keyboard provides a mobile and futuristic approach to typing.

Laser Virtual Keyboard


23. Vertical Keyboard

Vertical keyboards are designed with keys arranged vertically, unlike their horizontal arrangement. These keyboards minimize wrist strain and encourage a more ergonomic hand position. People who experience discomfort or pain while typing on a conventional keyboard prefer vertical keyboards.

Vertical Keyboard

24. Left-Handed Keyboard

Left-handed keyboards are designed such that the numeric keypad is on the left side for individuals who prefer to use their left hand. These keyboards make it easier and more convenient for left-handed users who may find the traditional keyboard layouts less intuitive.

Left-Handed Keyboard
25. Roll Up Keyboard

A flexible roll-up keyboard can be rolled up for easy storage and transportation. These keyboards are made from soft, long-lasting material that makes them spill-proof and damage-resistant. Roll-up keyboards are a convenient solution for those wanting an easy and durable typing option that can be carried around.

Roll Up Keyboard

26. Tablet Keyboard

Tablet keyboards are designed to accompany tablets, providing users with a physical keyboard for a more traditional typing experience. Some tablet keyboards are detachable, allowing users to switch between using the tablet as a touchscreen device and a laptop-style setup with the keyboard attached.

Tablet Keyboard

27. Wooden Keyboard

Wooden keyboards have keys and frames made from wood, providing a unique and aesthetically pleasing appearance. While not as common as other materials, wooden keyboards offer a touch of nature to your computing setup. They are often appreciated for their eco-friendly design and distinctive look.

Wooden Keyboard


In this detailed guide, we have explored the realm of keyboards by discussing their types and features. Whether you’re a casual user, an avid gamer, or someone who seeks ergonomic solutions, there is a keyboard that will satisfy your needs. 

Keychron is one of the best companies that provide mechanical keyboards, custom keyboards, and wireless keyboards for different platforms. Keychron products are carefully crafted to work flawlessly with Mac, Windows, iPhone, and Android. Whether you are a professional looking for an accurate typing experience or a tech enthusiast craving personalization, Keychron Keyboards delivers perfectly. Their unique approach guarantees users a perfect combination of functionality, longevity, and style. Keychron has become the preferred choice for people looking for superior mechanical keyboard solutions spanning various operating systems.
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